License-Compliant Delivery Services

Products that contain open source software need to fulfill the obligations put upon them by the licenses of the open source code or lose the right to distribute (sell) the software. The following picture illustrates the vendor-internal workflow to get a product ready for license-compliant delivery to customers.

Bayave GmbH provides the following services that help vendors get license-compliant:

  1. Seminar on license-compliant delivery. We provide public as well as firm-internal seminars on how to ready your product for license-compliant delivery to customers.
  2. Creation of a bill-of-materials. Using a tool of your choice, we analyze your source code for contained open source code to create an inventory, the so-called bill-of-materials.
  3. Standardized license interpretation. We provide a handbook with customer-proofed step-by-step guidance on how to fulfill open source license obligations and deliver to customers.
  4. Open source governance. Beyond license compliance, we help companies set up an open source program office to both reach strategic goals as well as become a good open source citizen.

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