Open Source License Compliance

We help companies get their software products and components compliant with the requirements of open source software used within the product. Usually, this breaks down into the following two services:

  1. Using a tool of your choice, we analyse your product for included open source software

The result of this work is a bill-of-materials (“Stückliste”). If you already have a correct bill-of-material, you can skip the first step. Next

  1. Using the bill-of-materials, we provide guidance on how to generate all necessary documentation

Prof. Riehle has blogged about this topic on his personal blog to provide more insight into the problem situation:

  1. Reasons for why companies are getting serious about open source licenses
  2. Getting started with open source license compliance
  3. The challenge of scanning your product code for open source
  4. Why you should not let developers scan their code for open source violations