Seminars / Training

The license-compliant delivery (LCD) seminar
Learn how to deliver open source code in projects and products legally correctly and efficiently! Critical skills and knowledge for everyone involved with open-source software.
The open source in business (OSB) seminar
Learn how open source affects your business and develop an open source strategy for your organization! For decision makers in all industries and those consulting to them.

Structured Services

Software composition analysis services
Let us take stock of your source code and create a software bill of materials of your code base! For everyone who wants to focus on new functionality, not legal debt.
Open source due diligence services
Let us identify and help resolve intellectual property challenges resulting from open source code! For use in mergers & acquisitions, private equity, and related activities.

Consulting Services

Consulting and advisory
Use our expertise in open source, inner source, and product strategy to solve your business challenges! For companies from all industries who want to use the power of open source (or need to defend against it).
The Tuesday Surprise industry newsletter
Get free weekly industry insights on open source, inner source, and product strategy in three paragraphs or less! For everyone interested in Prof. Riehle’s commentary on the ever changing world of open source.