The License-Compliant Delivery (LCD) Seminar

Streamline open source license compliance in projects and products

Product vendors that include open-source software in their products need to fulfill the obligations put upon them by the licenses of the open-source code they are using. Otherwise, an immediate sales and distribution stop could be enforced.

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In this full-day seminar, you will learn everything you need to know about license-compliant delivery of products that contain open-source software. It provides an integrative perspective that shows how the legal counsel, the engineering department, and the person or office tasked with managing open source work together best. It is therefore suitable for all main stakeholders.

The license-compliant delivery workflow

Target audience

  • Open source program officers
  • Engineering managers
  • Legal counsel
  • Architects, developers

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Seminar content

Below, please find an overview of the seminar content. You can also download a PDF one-page flyer (English, Deutsch). A more detailed explanation of the seminar content is available upon request.

A. Open source licenses

  1. Open source licenses
  2. The copyleft obligation
  3. The state of open source licensing

B. Open source risk management

  1. Open source copyright risks
  2. Open source patent risks
  3. The open source program office

C. The software bill of materials

  1. The software bill of materials
  2. The software supply chain
  3. Software composition analysis

D. License-compliant delivery

  1. Standardized license interpretation
  2. License-compliant distribution
  3. Compliance for selected technologies

The spoken language of the seminar is English, unless everyone agrees to switch to German. If you are unsure, please contact us about the language.

Seminar leaders

Prof. Dr. Dirk Riehle
Dipl.-Ing. Theofanis Vassiliou-Gioles


Public seminars

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July 2024

Date19 Jul 2024
Time9am-5pm CET/CEST
Fee€990 + VAT
ModalityOnline (Zoom)
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October 2024

Date18 Oct 2024
Time9am-5pm CET/CEST
Fee€990 + VAT
ModalityOnline (Zoom)
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April 2025

Date18 Apr 2025
Time9am-5pm CET/CEST
Fee€990 + VAT
ModalityOnline (Zoom)
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