The Essential Open Source (EOS) Training

Make sure that open source works for you

Open-source software provides many benefits, but also poses serious dangers. This essential training teaches you open source governance, license compliance, and security, helping you make sure that open source works for you and not against you.

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In this 3h training, you will learn the essentials of getting open source right in projects and products. The training covers open source governance (which components to use and which to avoid), license compliance (how to deliver software to customers correctly), and security (how to track and react to open source vulnerabilities).

Governance, compliance, and security: Essential to using open source in projects and products

Target audience

  • Open source program officers
  • Anyone who has been tasked with “taking care of open source”
  • Engineering managers and product managers
  • Software architects and developers

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The 3h seminar is split into two 90min sessions with two parts each and a short pause between the sessions.

A. The software bill of materials

  • The dependency graph
  • Software composition analysis
  • The software bill of materials

B. Open source governance

  • Open source licenses
  • The copyleft obligation
  • Intellectual property rules

C. License compliance

  • The legal notices
  • License interpretation
  • License-compliant delivery

D. Supply chain security

  • The software supply chain
  • Security advisories
  • Remediation


Prof. Dr. Dirk Riehle


Registration is not yet open. Please check back in late 2024 or register for updates!

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