The Open Source Business (OSB) Strategy Workshop

Develop an open source strategy for your organization

The majority of software in an organization is open-source software. Learn how open source affects your business and develop an open source strategy for your organization!

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In this full-day workshop, you will learn everything you need to know about open-source software in business. Aimed at both business and engineering decision makers, and based on the concept of the software supply chain, it explains how open-source software works, the impact it has on your business, and how to develop an open source strategy for your organization.

How to grow your share of the customer’s wallet

Target audience

  • Business and engineering decision makers
  • Open source program officers
  • Legal counsel
  • Architects, developers

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Workshop content

Below, please finde the an overview of the workshop content (also available as a one-page PDF flyer with one sentence summaries). A more detailed explanation of the workshop content is available upon request.

A. Open-source software

  1. Open-source software
  2. The software supply chain
  3. License compliance and security

B. The software supply chain

  1. Community open-source projects
  2. Software supply chain economics
  3. Open source foundations

C. Commercial open source

  1. Open source business models
  2. Vendor-owned open source
  3. Intellectual property strategies

D. Open source strategy

  1. The open source program office
  2. Open source risk management
  3. The corporate open source strategy

Workshop leaders

Prof. Dr. Dirk Riehle


The workhiop is currently being provided as an in-house workshop only.

The material covers significantly more than 8 hours and will be customized to your needs.

Please contact us to inquire about in-house workshops.

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